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I help you to check the financial feasibility of your project, to set up an efficient administrative organization from the start, to acquire the accounting concepts necessary for good management ,​ to design your website for  make you visible on the web.

1st appointment free


Increase your chances of successfully creating your project by being guided at "key moments" right from your start-up phase.

The financial feasibility of your project

Are you wondering if you will be able to live from your future activity?

I help you translate your creative project into figures, study together its financial feasibility and how to make it economically viable. 

The design of your

Do you want to make your business known and ensure your presence on the web?

I suggest you design your tailor-made showcase site . Revealing your identity, it  will make your business visible on the web and showcase your products and services. 

Your administrative organization

You started. You will have to devote some time to administrative and accounting tasks. 

I help you organize this part as well as possible , from the start of your activity. This will lead to time savings that you can dedicate to your core business. 

Acquire the accounting concepts necessary for good management

You want to understand your numbers and be able to track the financial progress of your business yourself. 

I help you to acquire from the beginning the accounting concepts you need  to know how to decipher your financial documents yourself, feel comfortable with your figures and manage your activity. 


qui suis-je


Whatever the stage of progress of your project, whatever your core business, the first meeting ( free and without commitment ) is a time for discussion that allows you to express your project and your expectations. It will help me to  identify your needs according to your context, and calibrate a personalized proposal in line with your personal situation.

Who am I ?

Today the job I have chosen is to support people who have decided to start a business as an individual entrepreneur .

My commitment is to give you the tools and create the conditions to get your business off to a good start and to sustain it.

Thanks to my dual skills and the experience acquired throughout my professional career, I work on two aspects: financial management and website design .

I know how much the financial aspects and their barbaric terms can put off some people.

But the numbers just tell a story and I love having them talk and listen to what they have to reveal...

What inspires me in my job is to  desacralize the figures , make them accessible and understandable for those who wish to start their business. Making the entrepreneur autonomous in managing his activity is very meaningful to me.  

As for the design of showcase sites, what particularly inspires me is being able to highlight the talent and know-how of the people I accompany, a bit like when you frame a work of art. It is a job that calls for creativity and which requires both a lot of method and rigour :  qualities common to site design and financial management.   

Like you, I embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship and I strive to put my skills and my know-how at the service of yours .

Colette WATSON, l'accompagnement des travailleurs indépendants

Colette WATSON

35 years of professional experience as Administrative Director and  Financial.

MASTER 2 MAE  (Management and Business Administration)

DUT careers in information, Communication option

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