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The most common mistake the independent contractor makes is to underestimate and overlook  the importance of the administrative part of its activity.

Do not wait to be overwhelmed and start on a good basis from the start.

A good administrative and accounting organization contributes to the performance of your company. It lets you know where you are.

It facilitates the follow-up of your current files.


A good organization allows you to save time and to devote yourself serenely to your core business.  


Let's set up an appropriate administrative organization .

The duration of the service  depends on your need


Together, we identify your organizational needs in relation to your activity and your way of working.  I accompany you in the start of your administrative and accounting management. 

  • Day-to-day management of your business

    • How to prepare your quotes and invoices

    • How to file and store your documents,

    • Regularly monitor your cash inflows and outflows,  

    • Organize the transfer of information and documents to your accountant,

    • Track your dashboards.


  • The legal obligations to know and respect

    • Declaration of your turnover,of your social security contributions,

    • Declaration of the various taxes and duties,

    • Establishment of your annual balance sheet.


  • Good practices to put in place as soon as possible :

    • ​​ Systematically reserve time in your diary dedicated to administrative tasks,

    • Organize your notes and your calendar.

Are you already self-employed and facing administrative difficulties?

Don't get overwhelmed and jeopardize your business. It's not too late to review and improve your organization. I help you catch up, demystify administrative tasks and implement good practices.​

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