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You have launched your project or you are about to do so. As the leader of a small structure, you will also need to be able to take a step back, anticipate and react at the right time.  

It is essential to secure your activity by being fully involved in your financial management. I offer support-training to understand and act on your own figures from the start.


Put the odds on your side by training in the financial management of your business.


  2 hour sessions

customizable according to your needs.


What you need to know to manage your business well: I teach you a financial culture that will make your life easier to manage your business.

  • Discover the interest of accounting:  

    • Understand the concept and main principles of accounting, recognize your different accounting documents, be comfortable with specific vocabulary,

    • Prepare for the closing of the accounts and facilitate dialogue with your accountant.


  • Learn how to decipher your income statement,

    • Become familiar with the presentation of your income statement, understand what it tells you about your business.  

    • Know how to analyze your own economic profitability.


  • Learn to read and analyze your balance sheet,

    • Understand the presentation of your balance sheet and the information it gives on your assets.  

    • Know your ratios and be able to discuss them with your banker.


  • Learn how to manage your cash flow,

    • Understand the elements that make up and vary your cash flow.  

    • Monitor your cash flow to anticipate its evolution in the short and medium term.  

  • Learn to run your business

    • Set up dashboards adapted to your needs and above all that they are easy to use.

At the end of this support, you will have acquired new skills that will allow you to:

  • to know where you are and whether you are making money,

  • to be autonomous and the true pilot of your activity.

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