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Let's check the financial feasibility together of your project...

You have a creative idea, you have started your market research  and you have started to collect the encrypted information of your future activity.  

This is the time to examine the financial aspects and the profitability of your project.  Will it allow you to live off it?

Duration: 2  half days


Together, we question the financial aspects of your project  : 

  • We will check that your forecast turnover and your margin are sufficient,

  • We will identify your expenses and we will determine  your break-even point,  

  • We will calculate your cost  and we'll make sure your  selling price are at the right level,

  • In view of your  investments, we will assess  your financing needs ,  

  • We will quantify your starting cash flow needs for a successful start,

  • We will estimate your future  remuneration and the conditions under which you can finance it.

The goal is for you to leave with  :

  • A clear and realistic vision of the viability of your project: you know if you can go further and if you can start,

  • Your key figures in mind to better negotiate and gain credibility with your partners,  

  • A good knowledge of what you will need to implement in order to be able to  make a decent living from your activity.

Want to go further?

Do you want to do what it takes to manage your business well financially and run it independently?

But you don't have any knowledge of accounting and you don't know where to start?  

Consult my support-training in financial management

2 hour sessions

customizable according to your needs and your knowledge.

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